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Airbiento Mini

$54.99 $100.00 saving $45.01

Airbiento Mini

$54.99 $100.00 saving $45.01

Meet The Airbiento Mini:

 Reasons To Get One Now

 Scientifically Proven To Protect Your Car: YOUR Car's solution to air pollution. Our built-in HEPA medical grade filter that traps 99.97% of harmful particles. From smoke to smog, take back control with the Airbiento Mini.

✓ Your Car can make you sick:  Protect your family from nasty allergens, as well as viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, pet fur, and more!

Forget Those Nasty Car Smells from Food or Smoke: Ditch the air freshener, breathe cleaner air that will have your car interior smelling as crisp as the day you drove it off the lot.

Compact:   Less than a pound and fits neatly in one cup holder and charges right in your car's USB slot. 

Quiet and EffectiveOnly 30 decibel noise output, let it work quietly in the background protecting you. 

Get Some AttentionFuturistic and hip, be the healthy trendsetter you always knew you could be.

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Pack It For Trips!

 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're proud to offer a risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee on all Airbiento Products. Not happy? No problem! Just read our FAQ to learn more.

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